Rules of drinkuisition

1. First you must shuffle the main deck, common knowledge deck and trivia deck. When the decks are shuffled, place them in their own stacks in the center of the table.


2. Amongst yourselves, choose a player to go first. The person to this players left would go second etc. Each player will draw the top card from the main deck and follow the instructions on the card. If the player is instructed to answer a common knowledge or trivia question, they will do so to the best of their ability. The person to the left of that player should draw the top, corresponding, card and ask the player the question. The group will decide on how much time, is too much time, to give an answer.

 3. If the initial trivia or common knowledge question is answered correctly, the player will keep the question card until the end of the round. If answered incorrectly then the card will move to the discard pile and the player will take a drink. You can sip, chug or finish your drink. The amount of alcohol consumed is left up to the discretion of the players, just please drink responsibly.



4. Each common knowledge and trivia card come with a fun fact or optional bonus question. It is the responsibility of the person asking the question to also read the fun fact aloud or to ask the player if they would like to answer the optional bonus question. If this is not done, then anyone participating in the round can call them out and make them take a drink. If a question is answered incorrectly, but the bonus is answered correctly (or vice versa), then the player owes no drinks; the answers would cancel each other out. If both questions are missed then the player owes two drinks and if both questions are answered correctly then the player is allowed to give a drink away to a player of their choosing (This is referred to as “Max’s Law of Inebriation”). The initial questions must be answered correctly for the player to be able to keep the question card. When a rule card is drawn, that player is allowed to make a rule which lasts until the next rule card is drawn. If another player breaks your rule, then the player must take a drink each time the rule is broken.

EXAMPLES OF RULES: No using first names when referring to players, no cursing amongst players, players must drink with their left hand only. Etc.

5. The player with the most question cards, at the end of the round, is the winner for that round. This player has earned the right to start the next round. DO NOT shuffle the used question cards back into their piles until all question cards have been answered. Have fun!