Drinkuisition | Card Drinking Game |Trivia
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Drinkuisition | Card Drinking Game |Trivia
The trivia game with a booze induced flair.

The trivia game with a booze induced flair.

The best new card game from Drnk games.

Think. Drink. Play.

brilliant! and brilliantly simple!
— Carmelo S.
This game is awesome!! Most fun we have had in a long time.
— Mason G
Best drinking game I’ve ever played, for sure.
— Danielle H.
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We establish communities of friends by bringing you good times with good people. This, in turn, creates memories consisting of hilarious moments and ridiculous rants. Beer is one of the most popular beverage in the world; and trivia, is monstrously popular the world over. From pub quiz, across the pond, to trivia night in our American bars, all the way down to three dudes with a six pack in a basement somewhere. Trivia and drinking beers, with our friends, go hand in hand. So... we took it to the next level.

Drinkuisition is the best new card game from DRNK Games.

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Drinkuisition is the drinking game for the thinking person. Challenge your brain, and your liver, as you fight for superiority through pop culture, history, entertainment and more! Can you keep it together long enough to show up your buds? 

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Each question was hand selected because of its familiarity as well as its mind boggling potential. We spent two years compiling the 212 cards and turned them into Drinkuisition.  We also included a fun fact, or optional bonus question, on each card. We beat the boredom, endured by other trivia games, by implementing this process. 


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We created this game because we love going to trivia night, playing games and drinking beer with our friends. If that sounds appealing, then you're in the right place.  So grab two to six people, your beer, wine, cider etc. and strap on your beer goggles.